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Dan - Diane

     Hello and Thank You for checking out 18onMain!  I am the designer, drafter, seamstress, web designer, photographer, Illustrator guru, PDF author and doll collector behind the brand 18onMain! Our first pattern with Pixie Faire launched in the spring of 2015 and I haven’t looked back. By the way, my name is Diane Cusack and I live in a small community outside of Chicago, Illinois.  I’m deeply passionate about the work I do and my design board is loaded with inspiration that I plan to turn into new patterns.  I’m pretty sure you’ll want to own each and every one!

I grow fresh eggs and I am a computer geek that loves silk and a full cup of coffee!


A bit about me: I grew up here in Illinois and some people say I have an accent. That’s okay – they aren’t from around here.  😉  I learned how to sew before I was ten and I have a very talented mom that allowed me scratch up her sewing machine, bought yarn for scarves never completed, and eventually looked the other way when her pans were used to discover candle making. I have a crazy passion for learning new skills and plan on owning enough craft supplies and equipment to be able to say “I win!” when the Lord calls me home.

Dan and I have a small farm filled with antique trinkets and when I’m not working on 18onMain business, you can usually find me caring for the chickens or out in the gardens. While there isn’t a lot of exercise equipment at home, you can pretty much count on good smells coming from the kitchen and a warm coffee cup within arm’s reach.

Oh, and the Dolls!


Like most doll enthusiasts I know, there is a child at the center of this story… well actually there are several children, my granddaughters.   When the first request came to make an outfit for their American Girl doll it set in motion a flood of inspiration and desire.  I couldn’t wait to stitch up small fashions made with fine fabrics or to craft accessories that would make their play more fun.  I feel as though every skill I have learned has found a home in my pattern making.  I love to work with textiles and I am considered by many to be a bit of a computer nerd.  You know what? I’m totally fine with that!!

The three houses


Did you notice the three houses in 18onMain’s Logo? Each represents one of our three-fold mission:

  1. Strive to have fun and make quality patterns and projects for dolls and the people who love them.
  2. Teach with each pattern. We use Tip Jar pullouts to help grow new skills as you work through the designs.
  3. Bring in interesting building and crafting projects that are suitable for a wide range of skill levels.

Fabric saloons, movie theaters, and dog parlors, Oh My!


I love to play around with the buildings on each pattern cover.  Have you noticed yet?  They have been fabric saloons, movie theaters, and dog parlors just to name a few.  And the 18 on Main?  That has two meanings.  One is a nod to the building term ‘16 on center’ which sets a standard for consistency, quality and reliability.  The second reference is to Main Street, USA and a common goodness that we all strive live up too.


Bring your coffee cup!


So…. there you have it.  Watch for new designs, crafting inspiration, a touch of tech talk and plenty of things to learn. Oh, and be sure to bring your coffee cup!  I’ll have a fresh pot and something sweet to nibble on.  Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter and Facebook feed so you will always know what’s cooking.

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