Daddy Date Night Pattern 1

18 on main Daddy Date Night cover

She waited all week for their big date and hopes he will remember to wear the new tie she gave him last holiday. Now to find the perfect dress, something soft and lacy that will make her eyes twinkle in the moon light. Curling irons, perfume, and high heeled shoes and then she hears him outside the door. “Hello my Sweetheart! I’m here for our date. I’ve brought you a gift.”

Her heart skips when she sees the flowers he has for her to wear, just like a real prince would do! Then he shows her the necklace. “There are three pearls”, he tells her. “So you always remember that I will love you today, tomorrow and forever.” He reached out his hand to hers and they headed out for their first Daddy Date Night.

Celebrate the special man in your little girl’s life with an outfit that will help her relive that special night over and over again. Lace and tulle make a lovely dress up outfit suitable for any special occasion, holiday or birthday. Deck your doll out with a wrist corsage of ribbon flowers that can be stored away in its own florist box. Learn how to make jewelry with a necklace that has a special meaning to remind her just how much she’s treasured! A wonderful boutique bag will hold her gifts and her keepsake movie stubs. This PDF sewing pattern has been designed to fit 18 inch dolls such as American Girl®.

Recommended Fabric:  All over lace fabric, light weight woven lining, and tulle netting

Supplies Needed:
-1/4 yd. all over lace fabric
-1/4 yd. lining fabric
-1/4 yd. tulle netting fabric
-6” velcro®strip
-matching thread
-(20”) 3/8” ribbon or waist trim

Skill Level:  Intermediate


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