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School recess couldn’t be more fun with girls laughing, skipping and playing in the sunshine with the rhythm of a jump rope as it spins round and round to the echoes of childhood songs. Skip to My Lou is one such song with verse after verse borrowed from country folk dances.

With several variations that work for school and play, this skirt set can be sewn as a modern dress or for classic play. The bibbed skirt makes a perfect school uniform that would be adorable sewn with actual recycled uniforms for a matching dolly and me look. There is a scalloped edged skirt that promises to become a wardrobe classic that can easily be styled for that 50’s, 60’s or 70’s feel. The paneled skirt works perfectly on its own giving the modern doll a trendy look with even more possibilities.

The best way to round out this skirt collection is with an easy-to-sew tailored blouse. Short sleeves and a rounded collar make the blouse a timeless design that will become one of those go-to wardrobe pieces you’ll want to sew over and over.

Included in this PDF sewing pattern is a bonus Tip Jar Pullout with some of my favorite tips and techniques to make the sewing process even easier.

Recommended Fabrics:  The bibbed skirt works great in medium weight cottons, seer sucker, or light corduroys and denims.

Supplies Needed:
-1/3 yd. light weight woven fabric
-Small piece of fusible, lightweight interfacing
-5 tiny blouse buttons
-5 sew-in snaps or 2 @ 5” Velcro strips
-Matching thread

-1/3 yd. medium weight fabric
-4 small skirt buttons
-4 sew-in snaps or 2 @ 4” Velcro strips
-Matching thread

Skill Level:  Intermediate


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