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The hours are ticking down to the release of our new Build-A-Bear pattern Bear E. Charming Prince.  Waiting and clock watching can be hard to do so I thought I would share a tutorial that was lovingly prepared for me by my new friend Chloe.  Wave Hi! Chloe!!

Chloe Sew

Great sewing requires a great space


Chloe is a new pattern tester at 18onMain and I believe we will all benefit from her insights.  She considers herself an intermediate sewer and tackles each new pattern with joy and determination.  I find her to be an absolute delight and hope to work with her for many more years.  I bring this up because Chloe is a wise and gifted seamstress at the tender age of 12.  Chloe and I share many common joys, not the least of which is the use of a well-placed exclamation mark!  I find I just can’t get enough of them and Chloe agrees!

I sent a copy of the upcoming build-a-bear pattern to Chloe and she whipped it together in a matter of hours.  I was delighted to see her version and noted that she chose to include front pockets and a pocket watch on a chain!  Pretty fancy don’t you think?  I asked what she had used and her response came in the form of a photo tutorial that I know you will enjoy!  So without further ado, here is Chloe and the directions in her own words:



Chloe's Watch Tutorial 18onMain



You will need:

  • One large button
  • A chain
  • Black or gold or silver permanent marker
  • One needle and thread

First, choose your button.  A flat topped, shank button works best, but any will do.

  1. Then, color a band on the top, the back and the sides.
  2. Then make the clock numbers and hands.
  3. Knot your thread and put your needle through the chain. Then, before you pull it all the way through, guide the needle in between your thread. That will knot it. Go through the shank at the back of the button a few times and you are done!

You could also use elastic instead of a chain and make a watch for AG dolls!



I would like to thank Chloe for doing such a great job providing information on her watch!  She truly has made it a must share project for all of my readers. Bravo!!!!!


How about you?  Have you found a way to add a touch of fun to one of the 18onMain patterns?  If so, I would love to hear about it and share it with our followers.  Fill out the comment box below.  So much of the fun of crafting and sewing is finding new, exciting ways to re-imagine a beloved pattern.  As always, thank you for following along on this journey. Teach what you know and Love what you do!  Here are a few extra, just for you Chloe!!!!!!


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One thought on “The Making of a Prince

  • Jolene

    I love to see an accomplished young lady be involved in our stitching projects. Can’t wait to see her creativity again in the future!